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Leadership Advisory Council (LAC)

Comprised of all past NAPABA presidents, representatives and corporate counsel of corporations who had a history of commitment and support to NAPABA, and other individuals who had been key to NAPABA's success in prior years, the LAC focuses its efforts on four general areas:

  1. Nominations and Elections. Each Nominations & Elections Committee will include members of the LAC.

  2. Leadership Development/Education: LAC will partner with the board and local affiliates in developing the future leaders of NAPABA and our legal profession.

  3. Outreach: LAC will be ambassadors for NAPABA in their own individual communities as well as on a national level.

  4. StrategicPlanning: LAC will be an active partner in planning for the future of NAPABA and the NLF as well as in fundraising efforts for NAPABA.

Leading the LAC for the next two years will be Vivian Hsu, Past President of the NAPABA Law Foundation, and Peggy Nagae, Past President of NAPABA. Ms. Hsu states that, "As Co-Chairs of the Leadership Advisory Council, we will coordinate the efforts of the LAC in its strategic planning for NAPABA and NLF. The LAC will provide its support, leadership expertise and institutional history to further the goals and operations of NAPABA and NLF. The Leadership Advisory Council will be a resource to support the initiatives of our organizations in the areas of leadership development, nominations and elections, community outreach and fundraising."

The LAC is an important and integral part of NAPABA's organizational structure. It ensures that there is a strong base of support and guidance on a continuous basis from a committed group of individuals as NAPABA grows as an organization.

Vivian Hsu, Co-Chair
Peggy Nagae, Co-Chair
Ruthe Ashley
Joseph Centeno
Paul Chan
Lisa Chang
Julie Cheng
Sylvia Fung Chin
Michael Chu
Wilson Chu
Ivan Fong
Margaret Fujioka
Harry Gee
Andrew Hahn
Howard Halm
Paul Hirose
William Hou
Laura Kingsley Hong
Helen Kim
Nancy Lee
Tsiwen Law
Parkin Lee
Paul Lee
Don Liu
Thomas Mars
Amy Lin Meyerson
Dale Minami
Peggy Nagae
Karen Narasaki
Nimesh Patel
Tommy Shi
Philip Shinn
Brian Sun
Peter Suzuki
Linda Mar Weidman
Sandra Yamate
John Yang
Diane Yu
Hoyt Zia


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